Reunion 2001

Well, it's about time we get started - planning our 30 year reunion!

So tell me what, where, who, anything you would like to!

And let's get started.  We want your suggestions!

JMHS Tower


This will be a reunion for the classes of 1970, 1971 and 1972.
These were the years involved for the "Semester Splits"
and friendship extended over the boundaries of the graduation dates!

Reunion Committee
Reunion Committee


Last Update: 03/29/05

Next scheduled update: Soon... 
But after I get a few emails!

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Ideas that we've received

Want your email listed?  Want a link to your site?  Just let us know!!

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John Marshall High School and their JMHS Reunion Page


Don't worry - This time we won't be using Pride Reunions or Larry Kleve!