• Friday, 03/27/98  Kol Tikvah  Classical Music

  • Wanna do a Mitzvah? If you don't know what a Mitzvah is, come do this. You will then know the feeling and understand...

    Tova is requesting our help! This Friday, 03/27/98, she is doing a wonderful performance at Temple Kol Tikvah, in Woodland Hills. This is your chance to be a ringer in another choir.

    You already know the music, you already know the words. Come to rehearsal and put them together. Since there is only one rehearsal, it must be a good one. Come in time to get the music, and sing in time by reading the notes (You gotta be able to sight read).

    Imagine doing Ose Shalom to Beethoven's 5th and other cool stuff like that...

    Kol Tikvah
    Today, 03/24/98, 7:30 - 10:pm
    On Ventura Blvd, 2 blocks west of Winnetka
    Rustic, wooden building. Go upstairs to the Hebrew School.

    Friday Schedule
    6:pm - 7:00 Rehearsal with Band
    7:30 - 9:15 Services