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Here's Looking at You Kid!
  Bill Gates gets Pied mov 1.7m
  Bill Gates gets the Blue Screen of Death in Windows '98 mov 1.7 m
  A Really Bad day at the office (This is worth waiting for!) mpeg 425 k
  America's Funniest Chimp mpg 380 k
  Dancing Baby -vs- the car mov 1.4 m
  We've got Chemistry! avi 1.4 m
  Circus Stunt avi 369 k
  Plane avi 664 k
new.gif (902 bytes) Yes, there are some athletes who will not make Sydney 2000


577 k


642 k


481 k


841 k
new.gif (902 bytes) Whassssuuuup?  You mean Shalom! avi 4.2 m
  Dave Barry's Emoticons - be sure to check the Gallery too! link  
  Wonderful selection!  The Laffatorium link  
  One of my favorites, the Darwin Awards link  
  Monitor Test? Run without saving, press ESCape to quit. exe 4 k
  GWillie - Hammer the President! exe

1.4 m

  PinWheel - Stare at this for 30 seconds then look in the mirror! exe

22 k

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Cute Executeables:
  Mr. Bean exe


  Baked Bean Month exe

22 k

  Screen Tester exe


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