Dining Room Set

This is an all wood table, not pressboard or laminate.
There is no physical damage (oh wait, there is a small ding on one side of the bench) but shows some normal wear.
It includes the table & legs, bench, short seat, long seat, corner piece.


  • Table: 35" x 48"
  • Short Seat: 35"
  • Long Seat: 48"
  • Bench: 48"

The sitting area of each seat has hinges and lifts to expose storage areas.

The corner piece connects to the long and short seats with 4 screws each to make a single corner group.

WoodStop 2 MVC-884F.JPG (78644 bytes)
Table & Bench
WoodStop 2 MVC-884F.JPG (78644 bytes)
WoodStop 2 MVC-884F.JPG (78644 bytes)
<Not Pictured>
Corner Piece
Price: $200

Table located in the Conejo Valley, California

Call 805-469-6714